About us

Here is a brief overview of how God birth the vision for Holy One Clothing Inc. In 2003 at a conference the anointing came upon a guest speaker, and prophesy went forth. The Lord began to speak to me through him, and said “I have a passion for clothing” along with the other things God was going to do in my life. Shortly after, the vision began to manifest with the coins I had saved. I created my first design, and printed my first order of shirts which sold out in a matter of days. At that moment I knew God had birth something special in me.
Holy One Clothing stands on the foundation of the word of God, 1Peter 1:16 says “Be Holy for I am Holy” NKJV. In reading this I came upon the revelation to be Holy is to be one with God. The three Roman nails in the logo represent the nails in which Jesus was nailed to the cross in the left hand, right hand and feet displaying the greatest act of Love.

To save souls with the bold message of Jesus Christ crucifixion and resurrection through clothing.

Is to redefine cultures view on Holiness.